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Alarmtron is a “boutique” alarm company specializing in the visual detection and apprehension of criminals. By giving our live operators the ability to control military-grade visual verification equipment, we are able to maintain visual contact while tracking intruders in a protected premises and convey detailed, accurate, to the minute information to dispatched police officers. The end result is an impressive, industry-leading apprehension rate.


One of the largest challenges to security is protecting outdoor equipment or merchandise, especially when bylaws prohibit the use of fencing to establish firm borders. Conventional alarm equipment will detect any animals or humans that may pass by, even if they have no harmful intentions, causing frustration, and possibly fines, with the amount of “false” alarms, even if the detection is tuned perfectly. There is no electronic way to determine intent.

This is where Alarmtron shines, we have the monitoring station and trained staff to make informed, educated decisions on whether police presence is required or if the activity being seen is legitimate. This all happens while our customers enjoy a good night’s sleep, assured that their property is protected. In this video, a truck pulling a trailer arrived at this customer’s premise. This is just before regular opening time and in an unfenced area of the compound, but our operator uses human intuition and familiarity with the site to determine that the police should be called. Upon reading the license plate to the police dispatcher, our suspicions are confirmed: the owner of this truck has warrants out for his arrest! A short time later the police arrive, with guns drawn, to take down the suspect and his date, leaving us to wonder if this lady will still have a “bad boy” infatuation after she gets out of prison.

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Video quality does not reflect capabilities of our video monitoring technology.

True Verification

Only by seeing the site can we truly verify the legitimacy of an alarm and take the appropriate steps. This reduces false alarms, and means we can take immediate measures to address the situation.

We Maintain Visual Contact

Sometimes intruders don’t cause any physical damage or steal anything. However, as this video shows, your business’ credibility could be in peril. This intruder is in an unfenced car dealership. Our operator uses the camera to track the individual as he walks through an area that people are normally allowed to be in. The operator determines that the intruder is quite suspicious with two large bags and a flashlight held in his mouth, and once it is clear that he is tampering with the vehicles the police are dispatched and the intruder is tracked to where his vehicle is waiting across the street.

We maintain visual contact with the intruder and convey this information, in real time, until the officers arrive and arrest the suspect. This is critical, as without this ability the police dispatched would have arrived at the customer’s site across the street, but the intruder would have escaped once he realized that the police were on to him. We keep the police informed, and lead them directly to the suspect first, to ensure the highest chance of capture. While we are not authorized to say what was in the bags, we will leave you with the thoughts: what if our customer sold the truck the next day with those bags still inside? How much damage can be done to a business’ reputation through no fault of their own?

Videos have been compressed for viewing on the internet.
Video quality does not reflect capabilities of our video monitoring technology.


Alarmtron thrives on the unique. We can custom design a security system around any need. Thieves are constantly coming up with new ways to defeat alarms, as such, we are always developing new methods of detecting and dispatching on intruders who think that they have bypassed the protection.

Neighbourhood Watch

Our protection is contagious, sometimes even spilling over into the neighbor’s property. Here, without the benefit of any actual intrusion to the protected site, our dispatcher notices a suspicious vehicle arrive and park across the street. Knowledge of the area and surroundings gave our operator the ability to make an informed decision on whether or not the police should be dispatched.

You can see the result, 2 police cars and a K9 unit arrive to catch a thief who had hitched a camper trailer to his truck and was ready to drive off with it. He would have gotten away with it too, because the RV center’s alarm system had not been triggered! By the time staff arrived in the morning to see their fence removed and completed an inventory count, he would have been roasting marshmallows and singing kumbaya. Now, instead of enjoying wide open spaces, this individual is confined to a small concrete room.

Videos have been compressed for viewing on the internet.
Video quality does not reflect capabilities of our video monitoring technology.


People often tell us that window film doesn’t work. This video, from an attempted break in at a downtown business, shows window film in action. A would be intruder makes multiple attempts to gain entry to our customer’s premise and is thwarted by the powerful combination of window film, glass break detection, and VISUAL VERIFICATION.

These three components are often sacrificed for budgetary reasons but this video confirms why these elements are the difference between protecting a premise and monitoring it for intrusions. When all three of these components are utilized the outcome is drastically different than the would be intruder’s dream of a simple smash and grab. Now, due to the window film he cannot gain entry efficiently, the glass break alarm means he is detected before he enters the building, and the visual verification means that the police are on their way quickly, as they know that a real event is in progress.

Videos have been compressed for viewing on the internet.
Video quality does not reflect capabilities of our video monitoring technology.


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